Which American Auto Maker will be Successful in 2013?

The 2013 car market is more competitive than it has been since the muscle car era. Foreign automakers have been working diligently to design more innovative and exciting vehicles. In past years, American automakers were seen as a downgrade to many car enthusiasts. They were viewed as unreliable and clumsy compared to their overseas counterparts. Fortunately, American automakers have positioned themselves to compete on an equal playing field with German and Japanese car makers.

It is hard to say which American automaker will thrive the most in 2013. Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler all are producing some incredible vehicles. The 2013 Ford Read the rest of this entry »

Up and Coming Car Companies in the United States

You’ve probably heard of some of the big names in the car industry time and time again. However, you are starting to wonder what the next big thing is going to be in this field. Well, if a company has the following features, then you should really start to look for it to explode on the market.

Consumers are looking for affordability. The economy has been in a slump for quite some time, and it does not seem to be changing anytime soon. Therefore, companies that offer vehicles of Read the rest of this entry »

Sports Cars in 2013: Which has the Best Reviews?

Sports cars are great for people who want to enjoy their long commutes to work or need a way to impress their girlfriends. If you’re looking for an affordable sports car that gets great reviews, check out the following vehicles that are available in 2013:

2013 Corvette Grand Sport

Corvette is a famous line of sports cars made by Chevrolet. The 2013 model delivers power, handling and luxury features that normally come standard on most exotic vehicles, and all for a price of less than 60,000.

2013 Ford Read the rest of this entry »

The Most Popular International New Car Company

A variety of new car companies are trying to compete for top spots on the international level. Of these companies, BYD seems to be succeeding in appealing to consumers from around the world.

Build Your Dreams

BYD stands for “Build Your Dreams”. A Chinese car company, BYD has made a name for itself in the fuel-efficient automobile industry. They currently have sales offices on every continent and are beginning to sell their vehicles in countries like Laos, New Zealand and Australia.

With a current arsenal of only two vehicles, they are poised Read the rest of this entry »

Which New Car Has the Best EPA Mileage Rating?

Neglecting the importance of fuel economy when investing in a new car or truck could be a very costly oversight. Vehicles that have been designed without fuel efficiency as a top priority may end up costing you a great deal more each time you have to fill up at the pump. Learning more about the economy cars, hybrid-electric vehicles and other options that can provide you with a way to reduce your driving costs could allow you Read the rest of this entry »

The Most Popular Electric-Powered Vehicles on the Market

As fuel prices continue to rise, more people are looking towards electric-powered vehicles as their primary mode of transportation. If you are thinking about purchasing an electric-powered car in the near future, take a look at the following popular cars and Insurance Deals from Safeco for 2013:

Chevrolet Volt

Not many cars have the Volt’s sleek and futuristic look, which is why it’s ranked as the number one electric-powered car in the country.

While its electrical system only gives the driver a range of about forty miles, the Volt can drive up to four hundred miles on one tank of gas, which is comparable to most hybrid vehicles currently on the market.

Tesla Model S

Tesla has the most electric-powered vehicles on American roads today. While their vehicles cost considerably more than other car brands, the price tag is well worth the mileage.

The Luxury Model S offers its driver up to three hundred miles on one electrical charge, which is the most by any electric-powered vehicle so far. Consumers can pick one up for about $58,000.

Mitsubishi MiEV i

This fun little vehicle is perfect for city drivers because it can fit into just about any parking space in any city in the U.S.

The MiEV currently boasts a range of sixty-seven miles on one electrical charge and an affordable price tag of $29,000.